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“The quality of buyers has been exceptional. The concentrated quality of people should be one of the key gauges of success for any trade show, and this year’s edition certainly delivered.”

David Smith, Confluencer (China)

“We’ve been astonished by the number of lead generations we’ve had here. The concentration of key decision makers and influencers all in one place make it an extremely efficient way of covering the ground. We’ve never experienced such a vibrant and impactful event over three days.”

Gavin Ger, commercial strategy director, Laava (Australia)

“The show is a little quieter this year, but it’s been good for getting business done. The serious people in the business are here and we’ve been having a lot of really good meetings.”

Nabeel Essa, director, Tasho Enterprises (Bangladesh)


“The quality of engagement with interested parties has been amazing. It’s our first year here and we’ve had enquiries from all over the world. It’s also a great place to catch up with Australian companies in one place.”

Luke Wood, CEO and co-founder, Escavox (Australia)

“This year we were affected by the developments in Hong Kong. Some clients and suppliers cancelled their trip, which meant we had to cancel a few important meetings. However, faced with the challenges, the organisers did everything they could: they kept us updated on social media; asked us to vote for a possible postponement to December; and shortened the last day of the show to help facilitate a smooth onward journey for participants. I look forward to ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA next year.”

Kelvin Ong, general manager, JWM Asia (Singapore)

“For us, the show this year was better than last year. On the opening day, the morning was a little quiet, but it really picked up in the afternoon. We were struggling to find enough time to attend to all the inquiries at our stand.”

Qi Feng, general manager, Qifeng Fruit (China)

“We’ve been bombarded for the first day and a half, so the show has just been excellent for us. There’s seven people in our booth and there were times we couldn’t speak with all the visitors.”

John Ledeboer, director of international business, CMI Orchards (US)

“I love the show and it is always very positive for us. This year we saw more unique and more serious buyers and we were still busy. Around 80 per cent of the people we see here are people we already know and 20 per cent is new business. ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA is about networking and finding out about the industry and what is new.”

Hadi R Abuseedo, general manager, Abuseedo Trading (UAE)

“This is our first year at ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA: it has been a good experience, and we have had a lot of visitors, both new and existing customers. Coming to ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA helps you to build relationships by meeting face-to-face with people.”

Abdallah Dwidar, operations and logistics manager, Al Sadat Agro (Egypt)

“It’s been a bit quieter in terms of visitors but this has made for some really excellent interactions with the various chief executives and senior directors who have attended the show. We’ve been able to take the time to show them our technology and explain how it can add value to their business.”

Ken Moynihan, CEO, Tomra Compac (New Zealand)