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“ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA provides a great view into the progress, opportunities and collective sentiment of the diverse spectrum of businesses in the horticultural industry. It gives businesses an opportunity to discuss important issues and exchange unique ideas with exhibitors and visitors alike. It’s a must-attend event for any business involved in the horticultural supply chain."

Swasti Adicita Karim, chief operating officer, Java Fresh (Indonesia)

“We’ve had back-to-back meetings with our global suppliers here and we’ve met many new suppliers. I am excited to see from the exhibition how our suppliers are improving their offerings and introducing new products to customers to cater to the latest market trends. We also find a number of packaging innovations here we can apply to our business.”

Alisa Wongstianchai, produce buying manager, Tesco (Thailand)

“ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA is a one-stop point where we’re able to strengthen our relationships with suppliers and find new products to enhance our range.”

Hendry Sim, vice director, Laris Manis Utama (Indonesia)

“This is our first year at the show and we’re blown away by the range of visitors and exhibitors.”

Drew Manusharow, chief sales officer, United Fruit International (US)


“ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA remains an important place for us to meet up with our main suppliers worldwide, be in contact with potential customers and of course existing ones, and to meet with industry colleagues from all over the world. It’s an important meeting point and an easy venue to visit. The potential here in Asia is huge, although this depends on the products and the country you want to supply – that’s all to do with regulation. For Dutch produce, it’s an important market now for pears and peppers, but it all depends on access, which takes a long time.”

Steven Martina, CEO, The Greenery (Netherlands)

“We can meet other buyers and for us it’s a very good opportunity. I think there are more people here from different countries this year and that the number of Chinese booths has increased since last year.”

Kelly Ku, assistant manager, fruits team, NH Trading (Korea)

“For us and the team here at Singapore Airlines we’ve been very impressed with the quality. It’s been a very fruitful experience and a very educational one with a lot of opportunities; I know it’s an Asia-focused event but it’s very much global in nature. We definitely want to participate again next year.”

David Goh, general manager Australia / New Zealand, Singapore Airlines (Singapore)

“The event has exceeded our expectations. We initially expected we would meet potential buyers only from Asian countries but actually we’ve found a much broader market representation here, which has given us lots of new information in areas like technology, logistics and shipping. It’s all in one place.”

Fedie Mulia, director, Halo Fresh (Indonesia)

“ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA is a unique opportunity to see new trends and products, meet very interesting contacts and meet with customers that we have in Asia. Above all, the convenience and snack products that we offer from Unica are a very interesting option for the Asian market.”

Nils Angelike, business development manager, Unica Fresh (Spain)

“Everyone at Valleyfresh and Freshmax has had a very successful few days at ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA. It’s been incredibly busy for everyone and some of us have noticed the final day is becoming much busier than it has been in the past, which is great.”

Ryan Smith, director, Valleyfresh Exports (Australia)

“The show has been really busy and we haven’t stopped. The event has improved every year and it seems there are more things to do this year, so we may bring more people next time. We’ve got a few leads and you can see there’s a huge market here in Asia that’s advancing very quickly. British is a good brand over here that represents tradition and quality you can trust.”

Neil Denny, procurement manager, Richard Hochfeld (UK)

“Once again it’s been a very positive show for us to attend. The event seems to be growing in visitor numbers and so has the quality of buyers.”

Tim Reid, owner, Reid Fruits (Australia)

“In our first year exhibiting here, ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA has been a very good opportunity for us to expand our relationships and increase our presence.”

HyoSung Lee, general manager, Hyundai Merchant Marine (Korea)

“It’s an imperative trip, a must-do on our calendar. We’ve been quite busy this year – most of this has been existing clients as we’ve built our customer base up quite a bit over recent years, particularly in Asia.”

Heath Wilkins, managing director, Golden Bay Fruit (New Zealand)

“ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA is becoming more and more important for the BelOrta cooperative. This year, five of our exporters have stands showing their products for this market, and we have our own stand to show visitors a wider range of the fruit and vegetables we produce in Belgium.”

Miguel Demaeght, sales manager, BelOrta (Belgium)

"Keitt Exporters has been more active on the Asian market ever since we started exhibiting at ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA in 2014. Since then, our avocado exports have increased to Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. Now there is no turning back."

Anne Kavai, sales manager, Keitt Exporters (Kenya)

“We just opened a new facility and it’s our first year exhibiting at the show. So far I’ve been very satisfied with the interest from a range of countries.”

Emile Leudet, business development, Respack (Malaysia)

“This exhibition is a fundamental one for us for two reasons. Firstly, we have a strategic involvement in Asia, with an office in Shanghai, so we can meet all of the leading companies in China and neighbouring countries; and secondly, it’s well timed for the start of our commercial [kiwifruit] campaign, so we can make the first plans with our clients. It’s always an important place to meet future partners and customers.”

Federico Milanese, international development manager, Jingold (Italy)