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Data (based) growing

Hall Forum 2 - Smart Horticulture Asia

September 6, 2017

10:30 - 13:00

Hall Forum 2 (Hall 5B)

More and more, growing is connected to data management, sensoring, bigdata etc. Even urban farming is based on growing in a controlled environment based on data.

Keywords: #urbanfarming, #cropsensoring, #precisionfarming, #bigdata, #cropsensing, #drones, #machinelearning, #farmmanagementsystems.

The session will be about:

High-tech food production in vertical farms (40 min.)
Controlled Environment Agriculture like Vertical farming is not dependent of influences of nature and seasons anymore. Each cultivation round can be a replicate of the previous one, product specifications always match with buyers requirements when a cultivation recipe has been developed. Data collection, data analysis and machine learning can lead to data driven cultivation concepts. Prof. Jasper den Besten gives you an update on the developments in this field.
Keywords: #controlled #environment #agriculture #hydroponics #vertical farming

Urban farming in the CLOUD? (30 min.)
More and more data is being collected in indoor farming operations. But can technology help you grow better quality crops and increase profits? Can you manage your crops at a distance and gain data-driven insights to make more profitable production decisions? Allison Kopf of Agrilyst, the ´Google Analytics for Indoor Farms´, talks about her vision for digital horticulture. She will also share highlights from the 2017 State of Indoor Farming report along with industry trends, statistics, and grower insights.
Keywords: #cloud #urbanfarming #verticalfarming #integration #cropmanagementsystems

PACKOUT driven growing … (30 min.)
Sorters collect gigabytes of data during the sorting process. The data is collected not only by the graders but also by the connected packing robots. What does this mean for the grower? Do growers use this data for crop management?



Allison Kopf, Founder & CEO, Agrylist

Dick Verkade, Manager Marketing & Sales, Greefa

Prof. Jasper den Besten, New cultivation systems, HAS University of Applied Sciences, ‘s-Hertogenbosch