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Data (driven) product

Hall Forum 2 - Smart Horticulture Asia

September 7, 2017

10:30 - 13:00

Hall Forum 2 (Hall 5B)

Consumers demand more and more data of the product. Stores are going virtual. Marketing is transforming into social marketing. Consumers want a digital connection with the product and growers. How do these concepts affect marketing and sales of fresh produce?

Keywords:#online #webmarketing #internetofthings #iot #SEO #socialmedia #labelling #dataquality

The session is about:

Can DATA connect farmer to consumer? (40 min.)
The digital world brings new opportunities for Farmers to get a direct connection to their customers. What is needed to achieve this and what are the benefits? What steps should farmers take to implement a digital transformation?
Keywords: #consumer #bigdata #artificialintelligence #ai #milennials

Smart CATEGORY Management (30 min.)
How do we get better insight into the way consumers react to different retail categories? Category management is an underestimated aspect of fresh produce retail. Rijk Zwaan developed a Retail Center in Berlin where the behaviour of "live consumers" is monitored. Jörg Werner presents the first results of this disruptive initiave in using SMART technology in fresh category management.
Keywords: #augmentedreality #eyetracking #machinelearning #vision #bigdata #categorymanagement #retail

Is Fresh Produce SMART enough for Personalised Nutrition? (30 min.)
One of the latest trends in the world of food is the development of personalised nutrition. Consumers are supported to make the right choices based on their personal information. This may provide many interesting opportunities for fresh produce because of its nutritional value. But is the industry ready? Conference chairman Harrij Schmeitz challenges and discusses.
Keywords: #masterdata, #personalisednutrition, #ingredients, #health


Tony Newling, Senior Director, Government, Public Sector Asia, Microsoft Singapore

Harrij Schmeitz, Managing Director Fresh Informationmanagement Center and Chairman of SMART Horticulture Asia

Jörg Werner, Manager Rijk Zwaan Retail Center, Rijk Zwaan