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Data (driven) supply chain

Hall Forum 2 - Smart Horticulture Asia

September 8, 2017

10:30 - 13:00

Hall Forum 2 (Hall 5B)

The supply chain is changing. In this day and age, it is more important to be the best supply chain data manager than to be the best logistics provider. Data are essential for trade, logistics, packing, sorting, warehousing, etc.

Keywords: #ERP #controltowers #productsensoring #dataownership #bigdata #datasecurity #robotics #warehousemanagement #sortandpack

The session is about:

The INTELLIGENT supply chain (40 min.)
New and disruptive technologies will be changing our supply chain in the upcoming years. What does the supply chain of the future look like? What is the impact on growing, storage, packing and trading of fresh produce? It it a threat or an opportunity ?
Keywords: #supplychain #import #export #cultivation #industry4.0

Smart data for a DURABLE SUPPLY CHAIN (30 min.)
Fresh produce is basically nothing without the data on when, where and how it is grown. Data performs a key role in the optimalisation of the supply chain when it comes to food loss and waste. C. Yin provides examples and best practices.
Keywords: #supplychain #databar, #foodwaste #foodloss

Smart, Flexible Temperature Sensors (30 min.)
Data loggers based on traditional electronics are widely used in the perishable supply chain. However, new printing technologies make it possible to print sensors on flexible labels at a projected lower cost. This disruptive innovation will make it possible to equip every item or carton with a sensor. But is there a business case? And how much data is too much data?
Keywords: #supplychain #sensoring #printedsensors #qualitymanagement


Ron Lemaire, President, Canadian Produce Marketing Association

Gerd Uitdewilligen, Director International Sales - Cargo Solutions, Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions

Cindy Yin, Manager Industry Engament, GS1 Hong Kong