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Ahead of ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA ON, Fruitnet Media International was hosting ASIA BRIEFINGS. It’s a brand-new series of free online briefings and market updates to prime your business and give you the lowdown on what’s hot in Asia today.

You can view all sessions on demand via the links provided below.


Asia Briefing: Avocados

Avocados have witnessed outstanding growth in key global markets. Asia represents a new frontier for the category. Expert insights on the future opportunities and challenges.

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Asia Briefing: Cool Logistics Asia

How is the cold chain and logistics landscape evolving post-pandemic? What’s next? We preview the themes to this year’s Cool Logistics Asia forum at ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA ON.

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Asia Briefing: Marketing to China

How has the global pandemic changed consumer behaviour in China? How do fresh produce marketers make the most of these changes?

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Asia Briefing: Smart Horticulture Asia

From vertical farming to the rise of robotic harvesting, we discuss the themes for this year’s Smart Horticulture Asia forum at ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA ON.

Asia Briefing: Smart Horticulture Asia previews the programme to this year’s online forum on high-tech horticulture at ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA ON. Chairman of Smart Horticulture Asia Harrij Schmeitz talks to Fruitnet’s John Hey about the big topics on the programme, from the rise of urban farming to advances in robotic harvesting. Plus, Harrij interviews some of his expert speakers about the latest advances in high-tech horticulture. Professor Jasper den Besten, a pioneer of vertical farming and partner in Singapore-based start-up Precede, discusses the business case for vertical farming, while Rui Andres of Fieldwork Robotics talks about the UK company’s work on robotic harvesting of raspberries.

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Asia Briefing: Apples

European apples are growing their market share in Asia. How is the current season shaping up? What are the key opportunities and challenges ahead?

Asia Briefing: Apples brings together some of the leading names in Europe’s apple export trade – including Marc Peres of French company Blue Whale and Nicola Zanotelli of Italian group From – to discuss the trade’s potential for further expansion following a period of recent growth. Presenter Mike Knowles of Fruitnet also delivers an exclusive interview with Andrea Fedrizzi of Melinda and Augusto Renella of Naturitalia, who for the first time in 2020 are spearheading a new joint venture to sell Melinda-branded apples to customers in Asia.

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Asia Briefing: Cherries

Expert briefing on the future of Asia’s booming cherry market with perspectives from Chile, Argentina and China.

Asia Briefing: Cherries explores the future of Asia’s booming cherry market. Host Chris White of Fruitnet speaks to Matt Hancock, managing director of Norton Folgate, about Asia’s impact on the global cherry business. China is driving Asia’s cherry boom, with Chile the main beneficiary. Asia Briefing: Cherries talks to Hernan Garces of leading Chilean grower-exporter Garces Fruit, Owen Ou of Chinese importer Shanghai Riverking and Feng Jiawei of fruit retailer Shanghai Wellfruit about the key trends in China’s cherry market. Dalian Xingyeyuan’s Martin Salge also discusses the development of China’s own cherry production. All this, plus a look at the role of more effective technology for the cherry business with Stuart Payne of GP Graders.

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ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA ON is the name of ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA's new digital event format to be held on 18 – 20 November 2020. It’s a sophisticated online platform that connects exhibitors with buyers and sellers in Asia. An online space which gives thousands of exhibitors and visitors the best platform to make new connections, to meet, to organise formal business meetings, to discuss deals, and to plan the season ahead.

ASIAFRUIT CONGRESS ON livestreams from Fruitnet’s studios on 17 November, delivering a high-powered programme focusing on the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the market in Asia, and looking forward to the new business opportunities across the region in 2021.

In this 45 mins digital launch event, we will present the exciting elements of these two digital events, how business matching and meetings will be made, and why you should join us this season.

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Programme topics and timings provisional and subject to change *