Stand Rental Calculator

The stand rental calculator helps you to calculate your stand rental fee incl. the compulsory registration fee and if required stand construction costs (for a complete stand).

  • Please enter your stand dimensions in front and depth.
  • Minimum stand space is 9 m².
  • If your stand is between 9 - 18 m², the cost of complete stand package is automatically included in the price.
  • If your stand space exceeds 18 m² please choose a stand shape and set a checkmark in the relevant field if you want to order a complete stand. The price for the stand will be added to your invoice.
  • A compulsory and non-refundable Registration Fee of USD 520 for each exhibitor and USD 360 for each co-exhibitor will be charged. This includes the exhibitor’s exposure in online Advertising Box.

The prices cover the duration of the event.

No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. To receive a binding offer please fill in our registration form. (available once the exhibitor registration platform opens)


1. Stand up to 18 m²

It is mandatory to choose a complete stand package when renting up to 18 m². For all stands between 9 m² and 18 m² the price is USD500 per m². This includes both the stand area charge as well as the complete stand package.

2. Stand more than 18 m²

For stands bigger than 18m², the stand rental charge depends on the chosen stand form. A complete stand can be added.

Stand Rental Calculator

Mandatory registration fee USD 520

Please select the size of your stand

For stands with more than 18m² please select one of the following types:

Stand Size

Please enter the desired size for your stand below (9m² minimum is charged).

Stand Area:

Please select a stand size bigger than 18m²

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