Statistics Handbook

The ASIAFRUIT CONGRESS STATISTICS HANDBOOK 2022 provides expert analysis of key trends in trade across 12 different Asian markets.

Asia imported 15.9m tonnes of fresh fruit from all origins in 2021, marking a 3.3 per cent decline on the previous year, according to analysis in the ASIAFRUIT CONGRESS STATISTICS HANDBOOK 2022.

Key Southern Hemisphere suppliers registered growth in shipments to Asia in 2021. Imports from South America grew 17 per cent year-on-year to 1.04m tonnes, driven by Chilean cherries and Peruvian grapes. South African exports to Asia increased by 18 per cent to 758,000 tonnes, while Asia’s combined imports from Australia and New Zealand rose by 3 per cent to 1m tonnes.

China is Asia's largest market for fresh fruit imports, with total volumes in 2021 increasing slightly to 5.4m tonnes in a challenging year for the trade.

India's fresh fruit imports doubled to more than 700,000 tonnes in 2021, driven by increased shipments of apples from Iran and Turkey as well as citrus from Egypt.