Asiafruit Business Forum

ASIAFRUIT BUSINESS FORUM offers a wide-ranging programme of informal workshops on the show floor at ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA.

Curated by ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA’s Knowledge Partners, Asiafruit Magazine and Fruitnet Media International, ASIAFRUIT BUSINESS FORUM provides practical takeaways and innovative solutions covering a range of key areas for the fresh produce value chain.

ASIAFRUIT BUSINESS FORUM 2023 presents three days of workshops under different tracks. At the Launchpad on Day One, exhibitors showcase new products, technologies, and solutions. Day Two features Partner Content, including an education programme delivered by the International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) and a series of Chinese-language workshops hosted by Asiafruit China. On Day Three, the Logistics Hub brings together expert speakers to discuss the latest trends and advances in cold chain logistics.

Asiafruit Business Forum Agenda 2023



Day One: Launchpad

ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA exhibitors showcase the newest technologies, products, and solutions.

10:30-11:00 Blue Sky for blueberries!
-  Hans Liekens, Sekoya Fruit

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11:30-12:00 Addressing produce quality through supply chain challenges

- Duncan  Aust, AgroFresh

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12:30-13:00 Analysis of the current situation and development of the imported fruit supply chain in China

- Ting Yuan, Shenzhen Asia Global Fresh Supply Chain 

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14:30-15:00 LytoFresh - the best quality solution for fresh produce
- Basilio Huang, Lytone Enterprise

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15:30-16:00 California avocados: sustainably grown with superior quality and availability
- Ken Melban, California Avocado Commission
- Terry Splane, California Avocado Commission 

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Day Two: Partner Content

11:00-12:30 International Fresh Produce Association educational programme: food safety and retail

Food safety

Part 1 – 2023 Asian market: supply chain best practices
- Ben Hoodless, International Fresh Produce Association Australia-New Zealand 
- Luke Wood, Escavox
- Michael Simonetta, Perfection Fresh Australia 
- Martin Ferreyra, Austrade (South China)
- Noel Ainsworth, Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Part 2 – Food safety and supply chain in the modern era
- Deon Mahoney, International Fresh Produce Association Australia-New Zealand
- Natalie Dyenson, International Fresh Produce Association

Retail merchandising and training

Part 1 – The 3I's of merchandising: impulse, impact and incremental
- Winstone Chee, Altitude Fresh

Part 2 – How traditional merchandising meets modern consumer needs
- Winstone Chee, Altitude Fresh
- Ruth McLennan, DFI Retail Group
- Edgar Fernandez, Landers Superstore
- Lauren M Scott, International Fresh Produce Association

13:00-16:30  Asiafruit China hosts Chinese-language sessions

Premiumising production in China

Domestically grown produce has been building its share of the high-end market in China since Covid-19. These Chinese-language workshops look at how to develop premium fruit brands in China, from production through post-harvest to marketing.

13:00-13:30 New varieties, new opportunities (Chinese-language session) 

What is happening with varietal development in China? What commercial opportunities can these products bring? And what's the best way to commercialise a new variety?
- Liang Chang, Shennong Variety Management (SVM)

15:00-15:30  Post-harvest solutions: adding value to your product (Chinese-language session)

Leading post-harvest operators discuss sorting, ripening and shelf-life preservation solutions that can help generate more value for growers.
- Liu Haitao, Reemoon

15:30-16:00  Building a premium brand 

How to create premium brands for Chinese-grown fruit, from brand names through packaging to marketing.
- Xu Churan, Pagoda

16:00-16:30 Live streaming: an emerging sales channel for fresh fruit

Live streaming has emerged to become a significant channel for fresh fruit marketing and sales in China. Jiao Jie, an influential Tiktok live streamer for China's fresh fruit industry, shares her experience and tips on operating a successful live streaming business.
- Jiao Jie, Shanghai Jiaogeini Industrial Development


Day Three: Logistics Hub

10:30-11:30  Global reefer shipping: where to next? 

After turbulent times characterised by unreliable schedules, container shortages and soaring freight rates, the global reefer shipping market is settling down, but challenges remain. An expert panel discusses the current state of the market and future trends. How is the industry addressing sustainability and moving towards decarbonisation?
- Thomas Eskesen, Eskesen Advisory 
- Dirk Winkelmann, Vanguard International 
- Luciana Sasso, Ocean Network Express (ONE)

12:00-12:30 New technologies extend reach 

Technologies that can preserve and extend the shelf-life of products are playing a key role to open up new commercial opportunities for the fresh produce business. This session looks at some of the latest advances.
- Ivo Tunchel, StePac PPC

13:00-13:30  Cold chain solutions bring fresh momentum 

Focus on some of the key trends and investments in cold storage warehousing and distribution across Asia.
- Paul Cheng, Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals (Hactl)

14:00-14:30 Tracking the supply chain 

Supply chain disruption has only increased demand for technical solutions that can boost transparency and provide immediate fixes. We look at some of the services offering shippers and logistics service providers real-time in-transit visibility.
- Gerd Uitdewilligen, Copeland

*Programme is provisional and subject to alteration and updates by the organisers.



Expert perspectives on cold chain logistics and shipping solutions.

Chris Catto-Smith, Freshport Asia (Check the presentation)


Tech & Innovation

Inspiring talks on cutting-edge technologies and latest innovations.

Clinton Jeffries, Tomra Food

Joshua Miers-Jones, Tomra Food


Marketing & Consumers

Practical insights on marketing strategies and consumer trends.

Josep Estiarte, SNFL Group (Check the presentation)



Expert perspectives on cold chain logistics and shipping solutions.

Nicholas Sanders, AgroFresh (Check the presentation)


Tech & Innovation

Inspiring talks on cutting-edge technologies and latest innovations.

Gilad Sadan, NAVI Co Global (Check the presentation)


Marketing & Consumers

Practical insights on marketing strategies and consumer trends.

Nico van Vliet, Bayer Crop Science