Asiafruit Congress Agenda 2023



Day One: Marketing & Consumers

11:00-11:10  Welcome to Asiafruit Congress 
11:10-12:00  New market demographics in Asia 

India has just overtaken China as the world’s most populous nation. Mid-tier cities are on the rise across India and South-East Asia. And Asia is now home to more empty-nesters with more to spend on premium products. Leading experts look at Asia’s big demographic shifts, and what they mean for marketers.
- Prerna Garg, HSBC
- Chris Baker, Totem Media

13:00-14:00  What’s next for food retail?

A deep dive on the big trends shaping food retail in Asia. What is the future for the large format as minimarkets multiply? How is quick commerce changing fresh food distribution? And what retail supply models are developing in fresh produce?
- Edwin Sun, NielsenIQ 
- Yang Qian, Pagoda 
- Jose Vottero, Fresh Fruit-X 
- Carlos Bonet, AM Fresh 

15:00-16:00  Masterclasses in fresh produce marketing

Discussion and case studies with leading fresh produce brands look at some standout marketing campaigns in Asia and the keys to their success.
- Konna Mu, Joy Wing Mau 
- Julian Smith, Rockit Global  
- Jan Doldersum, Rijk Zwaan


Day Two: Tech & Innovation

10:30-11:30  AI: powering new solutions for the fresh produce trade

Artificial intellgence is playing a growing role in the fresh produce business, from crop forecasting and labour optimisation to quality control and traceability. Case studies look at some AI-powered solutions in action. What are the opportunities and challenges ahead? And what do the arrival of ChatGPT and Bard mean for the business?
- Elad Mardix, Clarifruit
- Roy Ortiz, Dole Asia
- Gary Loh, DiMuto

12:30-13:30  Tech leads production revolution 

High-tech production is already a reality in controlled-environment agriculture, but it’s more complicated to develop in orchard crops. We spotlight some recent advances, from pre-harvest technologies to robot-ready orchard systems.
- Gareth Edgecombe, T&G Global  
- Jesse Reader, Costa Group  

14:00-14:30  Presentation of ASIA FRUIT AWARDS 2023


Winners announced: meet the winners of Asia’s premier annual awards for the fresh produce business. Presented by Asia Fruit Logistica and Asiafruit Magazine.

15:00-16:00  Breeding success: varietal innovation 

New premium varieties are bringing fresh impetus to a number of categories, be it grapes, apples or berries. We look at some of the varieties targeted at Asia. What are their attributes? How are they are being developed in-market? And how are they reshaping their respective categories?
- Hannes Tauber, VOG
- George Jessett, Costa Group 
- Marie-Anne de Béjarry, SNFL Group 


Day Three: Markets & Trade

10:30-11:00 Future of global trade in focus

Leading economist provides expert analysis of the changing global trade landscape through an Asia lens. What is the outlook for the Chinese economy as the government seeks to stimulate growth following the recent ‘reopening’ post-Covid? How are other economies across Asia performing? And how are global supply chains recovering?
- Betty Wang, ANZ

11:00-11:30 Vietnam: spotlight on a rising star

A look at the opportunities and challenges for imported fruits in the booming Vietnam market
- Lu Minh Quang, Biovegi
- Angel Mompo, Fresh Fruit-X

12:30-13:30  China’s changing distribution landscape 

Fresh fruit distribution is evolving fast in China. Port decentralisation is a key priority to cut congestion and boost efficiency. New routes to market are developing as demand grows from second- and third-tier cities. Industry experts discuss the changing landscape.
- Iván Marambio, Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (Asoex)
- Wang Song, Qupai Fruit (Joy Wing Mau)
- Mike Chiue, Hongjiu Fruit Co

14:00-15:00  North Asia: finding growth in more mature markets 

Japan and Korea are well established markets for imported fruits, but they hold significant untapped potential for emerging categories and suppliers. We look at the changing consumer dynamics in both markets, and the keys to growing sales.
- Wayne Prowse, Fresh Intelligence Consulting
- Kennard Wong, Unifrutti Japan
- June Choi, Soo Il Commerce
- Sarah McCormack, Te Mata Exports

*Programme is provisional and subject to alteration and updates by the organisers.


New trends in Asia's tropical fruit business

Asia’s tropical fruit trade is booming thanks to strong demand from China and other key markets. Thailand is still South-East Asia’s powerhouse exporter. But competition is growing from new and established suppliers. What are the latest trends?

Wayne Prowse, Fresh Intelligence Consulting (Check the presentation)

Konna Mu, Joy Wing Mau

Sam Sin, Freco Asia

Kittisak Pipatkanaporn, Thai Best Products

Case Study: Vietnam Fruits Map (Check the presentation)

'Jennyf' Ngoc Huyen Nguyen, MIA Group

Anh Khoa Nguyen, MIA Group


Presentation of ASIA FRUIT AWARDS 2022

Meet the winners of Asia's premier annual awards for the fresh produce business. Presented by Asia Fruit Logistica and Asiafruit Magazine.


Asia's global supply base is changing

Top global fresh produce suppliers to Asia tell us how the Covid pandemic and other major factors are reshaping business. And they talk about the future opportunities and challenges.

Wayne Prowse, Fresh Intelligence Consulting (Check the presentation)

Craig Stauffer, Vanguard International Group

Marc Evrard, BFV (Belgian Fruit Valley)

AJ Griesel, South African Table Grape Industry (SATI)

Elliot Jones, Costa Group


Investment: plan for future growth

Times are tough, but the fresh produce business is attracting new investment. Why? And what makes a company a good target for investors?

The Big Interview: attracting fresh investment

David Krause, Frutura

Case Study: investment opportunities in Vietnam's fruit sector

Siebe van Wijk, Fresh Studio (Check the presentation)


Sustainability in focus

Every fresh produce business in Asia needs to think about sustainability. We look at some key advances, from new climate-resilient varieties to CSR initiatives.

The Big Interview

Barbara Guerpillon, Dole Sunshine Company

Case Study: Hot Climate Programme

Declan Graham, Plant & Food Research (Check the presentation)

Morgan Rogers, VentureFruit Global (Check the presentation)

Case Study: growing organic fruit and veg for Thailand

Robert Mullis, Million Fields